Our Chimney Repair Services Leeds include:

  • Chimney Stack flashing – our team will show you the correct design to go with your chimney structure.
  • Chimney Repairs – we cover all the general repairs for your chimney including visual and structural damage.
  • Chimney Cowl fitting –
  • Chimney rebuilds – we can rebuild your chimney when its started to fall apart and has loose no to mention dangerous brick work.
  • Chimney Removals – no longer need your chimney we can help with removal.

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A fireplace adds aesthetics and elegance to your home. It provides you with a cozy and comfortable platform. You can spend ample time with your family and friends when you have your fireplace and chimney in the best place. Perfect chimney and fireplace offer you great safety. Even if your furnace is not frequently used, an annual cleaning is required. This will ensure that carbon monoxide flows out of your home adequately while also preventing unwanted critters from making their way in. Many houses suffer fire outbreak every year as a result of a dirty chimney. One of such causes is creosote buildup – the brown or black residue of wood burning that accumulates on the inner vent surfaces. Its accumulation can result in a fire outbreak as it is highly flammable. It does this by allowing heat to get to wood framings and other nearby combustible materials. When creosote accumulates, it also causes cracks in “fireproof” stone, clay or brick liners. With a clean and safe chimney and fireplace, you do not need to be scared of enjoying indoor fires.

Aside from creosote, your chimney may suffer from small cracks which result in a leak. This leak can make your chimney damp or wet, especially during snow or rain. These damp areas can translate into the growth of mold, thereby causing further damages to the chimney which could be expensive to repair. For those that purchased a home which already has a fireplace, it might be difficult to tell the last time it was cleaned.

Our team will carry out an in-depth inspection of your home, as well as review your chimney and fireplace to ascertain the safety of your area for fires before using it. The check will also reveal if your chimney requires deep cleaning to get rid of creosote or other buildups. Clogged chimney traps carbon monoxide (smoke and other harmful gases) inside your home. It lingers inside your home and causes serious havoc. We will as well locate weakened seals and areas where wear and tear have set it and make necessary repairs or maintenance work to put it back into its best shape.

Our services include repair and restoration, which entails leaky flashing repair, tuckpointing, masonry repair, chimney rebuilding, flue relining, and crowns rebuilding which includes checking for cracked or poorly constructed crowns which can pose the dangers of water penetration and fire hazard. We also perform fireplace rebuilding, by reconstructing the fireplaces’ back walls and restoring them to their original condition; gas logs and other fireplace fixings. Chimneys are better inspected and cleaned during late spring or early summer. These periods mark the end of heating season, thereby providing for schedule of repairs. Our cleaners perform their job based on your schedule.

Renn Services will ensure your home is safe and you can have a comfortable fire experience with your family and friends, especially during winter. We are on the undying quest to add value to your home. Contact us now for your fireplace and chimney repairs Leeds.