Our Dormer Services Leeds include:

  • New Dormers – Installing new dormers into your roof creating more living space, full design & build service.
  • Dormer Repairs – Replacing the old timber or slate cladding with new composite or pvc cladding.
  • Dormer Refurbishments – includes new cladding, insulation upgrade to improve the energy performance of your dormer.
  • Dormer Felt Replacement – 3 layer felt roof systems with high quality felts, also GRP fibreglass systems & EPDM rubber roof covering.
  • Dormer Maintenance – Paining woodwork, repairs as required, re-fixing loose cladding, gutters etc. Add waterproof coatings to felt roofs.
  • Dormer Alterations – Extending your existing dormer to create more space. Alter the roof slope to stop standing water. Improve the look with the latest grey cladding or any colour of your choice.
  • Dormer Down Pipes – all pvc rainwater systems installed.
  • Dormer Fascia, soffit & gutters – Full replacement with new uPvc.
  • Dromer Replacment – Replacing your old cold dormer with a brand new warm one.
  • Dormer Lead work – Replacing defective and loose lead flashings.
  • Dormer Roof repairs – Dormer repairs, extension roofs etc.
  • Dormer Roof Repairs – Re-fixing loose slates & tiles, re-placing damaged slates & tiles.

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What is a dormer roof?

A dormer is a roof extension that is built to extend beyond an existing roof. It is the protruding part of the roof slope that gives room for additional floor space and headroom. Dormer roofs can be built in a variety of styles. In a typical loft with limited headroom or space, a dormer can be used to provide more space to give the room a new look, especially if you want to include an ensuite bathroom.

A dormer conversion is used to project the room beyond the roof line. They have become increasingly popular because they give a room more natural light and a free flow of ventilation compared to the traditional loft conversion. They give greater flexibility to the design of your home, and they are highly versatile. Homeowners with less space but with a house that has a lower roofline may consider dormer conversions as the ultimate solution to get that extra space they need alongside a dormer window for more natural light. You can construct either front or side dormer conversions to create more space in the home. But ensure it is small, so it does not alter the architecture and design of your home.

Renn Services Ltd offers a wide range of building maintenance and roofing services, and this includes the ever versatile and popular dormer conversions. We have a team of architectural and design engineers that are well trained and industry experts when it comes to dormer roof conversions. Over the years, we have built a profile of trust, and excellence through our dormer conversion services.


You do not necessarily need planning permission for your dormer conversion. But you will need one in a situation where you alter the given roof space thereby making it extend beyond its specified limits. If not, a dormer conversion is considered as an already existing permitted development or project. Hence, you don’t need planning permission again.

Renn Services Ltd will ensure your roof design does not contradict house planning laws and relevant statutes. We have to guide you all the way. Homeowners with no knowledge of house planning laws can rely on our services and expert guidance.


  • Flat roof dormer:In the UK, the most popular type of dormer roof conversion is the flat roof dormer. It is also the cheapest to build, and it offers a more additional internal space than other types of loft conversions.
  • The shed dormer:This is characterized by a single flat planed roof, but it slopes downward at a shallow point than the main roof.
  • The gable fronted dormer:  This includes a gable wall, and it is more attractive than the others. It is also known as a doghouse dormer.
  • The hipped roofed dormer: Ithas three sloping planes that converged at the ridge of the former as a hipped roof.



There are a lot of companies offering dormer roof conversion services, so why choose Renn Service Ltd? We are based in Calverley Leeds. In all our years of successfully operating in the industry, we have built a great reputation of excellence for ourselves because we go the extra mile to ensure our customer is satisfied with the quality of roofing services that they get. This is the primary reason why most of our clients are mostly repeat customers. We strive to maintain the quality of our work as we aim for customer loyalty. Our clients love us, and we have proof to show for it.


We can never trade quality service for anything else. In any given roof project we execute, we strive to maintain our core values and focus on high-quality service rendering to the satisfaction of our numerous clients. Whether it is a simple new flat roof dormer or you just a service to repair flat roof dormer, come to us, and we can guarantee you the best dormer rood conversion service in the industry.


Do you have any urgent request you need to ask, or you want to get clarification on a specific aspect of our work? We have well-trained staff that are ready to attend to your needs as they arise during the term of the roofing project. We will still take care of your roofing needs even after completing your dormer roof project as well.


During the term of the project, we provide regular and weekly financial reports. We will always inform you of each milestone completed and how we plan to handle the upcoming ones. We will never keep you in the dark regarding your roofing project. If communication means a lot to you, then you can count on us. Get in touch with us today!


We have expert architectural and design engineers that have been offering dormer roof conversion and other home improvement services for many years. They understand that your home is a cherished property in your life. Hence, they willfully handle your home improvement projects with due caution and expertise.


Many clients frown at the idea of delivery a project late. And we understand how this can affect our integrity rating and customer loyalty. For this reason, we strive to complete all our roofing projects on time. We have been doing this and our clients are amazed by our fast delivery together with the high-quality service. Even at that, we still offer you a flexible option to enable you to customize your dormer roof at any stage before the completion of the project.


We understand how tight your budget might be most times and we are giving you the option to call on us even if you need an emergency dormer roof conversion. Our prices are highly affordable, and we offer the most competitive price options in the industry. We are the leading company in Calverly, Leeds offering the best when it comes to dormer roof conversions. Visit us today!