Our Flat Roof Services Leeds include:

  • Asphalt Roofs – One of the oldest known flat roof types. The felt is bonded with asphalt, when rolled out can be held down with nails or asphalt cement. Top level is coated in gravel.
  • Reinforced Bitumen Membranes – Lightweight construction, ever creasing thickness bringing fantastic insulation to your property.
  • EDPM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) – New rubber-based material with harder wear and long lasting.
  • Flat Roofs – Concrete tiles -The most affordable option on the market today. Providing customers with the option of flat tiles, profile tiles such as Pan tiles.
  • Flat Roofs – Natural Slate roof – This is the best roof covering available with options to use Welsh Slate or slighter cheaper alternatives Spanish slate and Chinese slates.
  • Flat Roofs – Clay tiles – A premium roof covering which can be used in either large format tiles or small format clay tiles.
  • Flat Roofs – This will include new breathable under felts with long lasting treated roofing battens for fixing solutions.
  • Flat Roofs – Most common choice is a more cost effective the large concrete tiles such as Double Roman (profile) or a flat concrete tiles.
  • Flat Roofs – Concrete slate effect – thin profile tile which creates a slate effect but cost much less than natural slate.

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Our Fantastic Flat Roofs?

Are you looking for a professional touch for your new flat roof repair or installation? Renn Services are dedicated to meeting all of your flat roofing needs. Whether you have a new home or you need to repair your old flat roof, we are the flat roofing experts serving Calverley and environs. We are aware of the high demands in the roofing quality, performance and safety concerns.

Our flat roof contractors can help with any flat roof installation and replacement. Do you have an emergency need to repair the flat roof of your home? You can count on our professional service anytime. In all projects we execute, we strive to be the best in what we do. And when it comes to flat roofing techniques, we are not just the best in the entire Calverley, but we are also the best in customer service too. Renn Services Ltd are the best roofing professional for your flat roof project.


Do you need expert roofing service to install a flat roof in your home? We offer a complete package to cover all areas of your new flat roof installation. During the period of the project, we will ensure all the necessary building permits are met. And we will also coordinate with service providers and contractors to ensure we deliver a high-quality flat roofing service to your satisfaction. We provide our customers with recyclable and eco-friendly roofing solutions that will benefit the environment.

We have well trained and highly certified installers and roof mechanics. They are all duly insured, and they wear all the necessary safety equipment during work. We also ensure they use only state of the art tools and equipment to handle your new roof installation project. We are confident in the quality of service performed by our installers, and we can guarantee that you will too.


If you notice a leakage or any fault with your flat roof, get in touch with us. We are experts in flat roof repair and replacement. Do you need expert advice as to whether you should repair your flat roof or replace it entirely? We can help you decide the best option for you after a thorough inspection of the extent of damage in your flat roof. So whenever you’re thinking of how to repair flat roof, call on Renn Services Ltd. We are the roofing experts.


We are well known not just for our high-quality service delivery, but also for the innovative concept we offer to our customers during work. Get in touch with us if you need a perfect blend of an innovative flat roof design and quality roofing. Our roofing services are highly affordable so whatever is the size of your budget, let us know. We have a solution for you.