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Soffits that are not installed correctly, and the ones that are old or worn out have to be replaced. This will help to protect your roof any severe damage. Some of the common indications of damaged soffits may include any of the following:

Peeling and flaking paint: The affected areas need to be sanded and re-painted to forestall any further damage.

Damp and rot:When you have damp and rot on your roofline, the affected sections are probable to spread quickly and can inflict further damages to the roof.

Leakages: Dirty gutters can develop leaks. When this happens, repair becomes inevitable.

In addition to the conditions highlighted above, other reasons may necessitate the replacement of your soffits. They include infestations and bird nests.

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Our guttering, which is available in a variety of designs and made with high-caliber uPVC, is entirely maintenance-free. You do not require any expensive gutter cleaning services. The popular ‘round’ gutter design features the half-pipe appearance and is suitable for most houses and small offices. The ‘square’ gutter design (which is larger) is perfect for use in conservatories and rooflines that have high-flow rates.

The ‘ogee’ design, which caters for high-capacity needs, features a broadened gutter with reinforced corners. This ensures efficient handling at a rapid run-off rate. For increased flow, the ‘deep’ gutter has a higher capacity. All our guttering provides free-flow of water, thereby preventing water stagnation. We can tailor guttering based on your taste.


Our soffits, which is environmentally-friendly, could be installed together with new guttering and fascias, thereby ensuring proper finishing, and beautification of your roofline. With soffits covering the framework on which the fascia is mounted, your home gets prevented from appearing unfinished. Apart from the aesthetic benefits of our soffits, they also excel in their functions such as enhancing ventilation, prevention of condensation build-up, and accommodation of any property irrespective of the colors.

Inadequate ventilation leads to the formation of condensation in the roof void. This increases the chances of timber getting decayed, whose replacement will be not only expensive but also time-consuming.

In other words, new guttering stops stagnant water from forming up, while soffits will ensure your roof space is well ventilated and prevent condensation from forming up. New guttering and soffits offer protection to your home for years while also improving the look of your house. On the other side, when you leave these to rot, they can have devastating effects and eventually result in costly repairs. It is therefore pertinent not to leave it to chance.

Renn Services is a roofing expert with over 30 years of experience. Its exploit in the roofing industry is second to none. With us, your roofline is sure to be transformed such that better aesthetic is achieved with the delivery of improved levels of performance. We can as well repair or replace your old gutter and soffits at your home. You can be sure to get the best possible outcome which fits perfectly within your budget. Contact us now to enjoy all these great benefits.