Our Re – Roofing Services Leeds include:

  • Re Roofing – Concrete tiles -The most affordable option on the market today. Providing customers with the option of flat tiles, profile tiles such as Pan tiles.
  • Re Roofing – Natural Slate roof – This is the best roof covering available with options to use Welsh Slate or  slighter cheaper alternatives Spanish slate and Chinese slates.
  • Re Roofing – Clay tiles – A premium roof covering which can be used in either large format tiles or small format clay tiles.
  • Re Roofing – This will include new breathable under felts with long lasting treated roofing battens for fixing solutions.
  • Re Roofing – Most common choice is a more cost effective the large concrete tiles such as Double Roman (profile) or a flat concrete tiles.
  • Re Roofing – Concrete slate effect – thin profile tile which creates a slate effect, but cost much less than natural slate.

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Roofs are one of the features that significantly tell about the beauty of your house or building. They are also no exception to things that do not last forever. Irrespective of the maintenance provided to your roof, it will get to a period whereby re-roofing becomes inevitable. Many roofs suffer pesky leakages, especially during rainy months. This could have been avoided if the necessary steps have been taken earlier. We understand the importance of keeping your home immune against water leaks and harsh weather conditions and thus, made provisions concerning its solutions.

If you suffer any of the following signs, all you require may be re-roofing: when you make increasing repair payments, when your roof leaks continuously, when your ceilings or walls have dark spots, and when your roof sags, among others. However, if you fail to re-roof your house upon the conditions highlighted earlier, you can suffer one or two of the following: gutter splits, porous tiles or slates, roof movement, damp and water ingress, crumbling batons and felt, or damaged chimneys.

High Standard Roofing Materials

We take a great specialty in re-roofing from the beginning to the end using state-of-the-art materials and highly skilled merchants. We strongly believe in the preservation of buildings especially those having historical or special value and as such, will help you in achieving this. We have, over the years, re-roofed different varieties of buildings in Leeds including detached, semi-detached, flat, school, church, bungalow, and larger public or commercial buildings which have all stood the test of time and survived harsh weather conditions. Our reputation depends greatly on the quality of roofs we provide; we will therefore not hesitate in undertaking lead work that will bring about satisfaction to our clients.

Best Qualified Team

Our team of vetted roofers is well acquainted with the changing roofing technology (and are still undergoing subsequent training based on the demands of the market) such that your traditional roofs would be worked on to get transformed into the modern roofing standards. However, this is based on the clients’ needs which vary from individuals to individuals. We also pay close attention to details to enhance conformity with the clients’ requirements.

Best Competitive Prices

One of the most significant benefits of working with us is that we offer this service at the best prices, without compromising on the quality. We will cater to any budget or requirement you may have.

Benefits of our re-roofing service in Leeds

  • A wide variety of roofing materials is available to complement your current roof
  • Conduction of roof inspection with honest evaluation and feedback on what your roof requires
  • Weather-proof and durable roofs with a guarantee
  • Our re-roofing services cater to both commercial and domestic services

Our re-roofing services in Leeds provide your building with an aesthetic and fresh look while enhancing its performance in making your building watertight for a long time.

If you consider re-roofing your building in Leeds, contact us today so we can provide you with a free quotation and also carefully assist you in making the right choice concerning roofing materials and requirements that best suit your house or building.