Our Roof Repair Services Leeds include:

General repair – This includes pretty much everything including tile cracks all the way to gushing water leaks. Small issues can lead to large issues if left unrepaired.

Tile repair and replacement – Loose tiles or a tile that has slipped should never be left alone. If that tile was to fall off the roof it could cause serious injury or damage not to mention the tile is no longer doing its job by protecting your property.

Gutter repair and replacement – Gutters are very important to protecting your home, they act as filter system to pull weather related elements (mainly water) away from your property and into drains. If it’s a simple gutter repair you require we can help all the way up to gutter replacements.

Weather damage – UK weather is very unpredictable a sudden downpour could overload your gutters or hit your roof hard. We can help further prevent weather damage to your property and repair and damage that the weather may of caused.

Roof overhaul – If you need a full roof replacement or a new extension / conversion that needs a professional roof we can help. We will give you friendly advice on what would suit your property both in look and structure and have a fantastic range of designs to choose from.

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There are occasions whereby roofs develop leaks many years before they require replacement. The roof should take a prominent place in any homeowner’s maintenance list. This is because roofs are a part of the building that protects, secures, and offers beautification to your house or building. All roofs are vulnerable to lots of wear and tear. A faded, old, worn out, or poorly maintained roof disfigures the look of your house or building, making it look odd and unattractive. If a more significant part of your roof is still in perfect shape, you might just require a spot repair.

Thus, you need to tender your roof with great care – just like a newborn baby. This is because it will get to a time when it will need to be repaired. Knowing about the time to repair it earlier helps you prevent it from causing serious damages, which may grow beyond repair. In other words, it is essential to assess the overall state of your roof to identify the possibility of roof failure. Check the state of your roof at least once a year to aid your plan in advance for making necessary repairs. This is cost-effective and also ensures the maintenance of the integrity of your roof.

Common Roof Problems

Paying attention to details will prevent you from overspending on major repairs. These are instances of issues and problems you can have with your roof. Irrespective of the severeness, each of them calls for proactive steps.

Roof leaks: You may have water stains (usually dark) that run down the walls of your building or extend across ceilings, damp spots around fireplaces or interior air vents, water stains on rafters; your building probably has a leaky roof. Many conditions often bring about roof leaks. Harsh weather conditions, over time, could make your roofing material become brittle, worn-out, and even broken. Excess moisture which forms on the roof’s gutter or accumulations of asphalt granules might also be another cause. Water could also get trapped by debris; the result is roof leaking. An unrepaired roof leak can cause serious damage. The wet surface can even start to grow mold. The longer you leave your roof leaking, the higher the cost of reparation will be, whenever you want to do it.

Other common problems that cause roof leak include the following:

  • Moist paint or drywall around electrical outlets, exceptionally light fixtures
  • Interior paint bubbling
  • Dripping sounds
  • Peelings especially during hard rains
  • Water stains on roof sheathing inside the attic of your house
  • Musty house smell (particularly in the attic)
  • Clogged or loose gutters and downspouts
  • Debris piles in the valleys of your roof or above your chimney

This above list is not exhaustive signs that may indicate a roof leak. However, if you see any of these, it could be an indication of a roof leak.

Missing, curled or cracked shingles:

Shingles are brittle in colder weather and pliable in warm temperatures. A strong storm and lots of wind might cause your roof to miss or fail shingles, thereby creating a wide gap at the point where roofing material meets vents. Some of the warning signs may include cracked caulk, rust spots on flashing, etc. Excessively degraded shingles or patches of failing shingles are signs that you need to replace your roof, especially if it is more than 20 years old. Thus, an inspection needs to be carried out by an expert to check for this.

Also, the corners of asphalt shingles are prone to becoming curly over time. They thus need to be straightened. Missing or curly shingles could be an eyesore. They are an essential part of the roof that offers a layer of protection and beautification.

Rusty Metal: Metal roofs are prone to getting rust as a result of their robustness and resilience. Even with the presence of waterproof sealants in most metal roofs, they are prone to wearing down over time. One of the common issues with this type of roof is standing water. It is at this stage that the roof begins to rust.

Widespread Rot:When there is a sign of general wear and tear, mold on the roof boards of your house or trusses inside the attic, a roof repair might become needful. Masses of moss can also signal roofing that is decayed underneath.

Flashing:  This ensures that areas, where there is a change, are sealed. Such areas may include the point at which the roof connects a chimney or a dormer. If flashing is not installed correctly, it could get out of place and expose the roof’s seams. The result could be leaking in the roof.

Renn Services

Even though the repairs could be carried out quickly, you require competent and professional hands to carry it out. With more than 30 years of rendering consistent roofing services in Leeds, Renn Services has a team of roofers who have been adequately trained to repair any roof, including pitch and flat roofs. It is popular knowledge that flat roofs, unlike pitch roofs, tend to be easily vulnerable to erosion and leaks as a result of the shape of the building.

We will carefully examine cracks that might have occurred around vents, joints, chimneys, or other objects coming through the roof. Also, we will check for bubbles, blisters or open splits in the roofing material. Blisters are often associated with leaks in roll roofing. The repairs to be made to the roof will complement the original structure of the building so that the aesthetic value remains intact. Not only that, we have established an intimate relationship with many homeowners and businesses in Leeds and its environs, based on our level of expertise. Our reputation has earned us return and loyal customers; such people can easily attest to our increasing acceptance.

Generally, we take adequate safety measures while carrying out repairs on your roof in Leeds and its environs. Your power lines and other materials on your roof are secure. We are a team of industrial, commercial factory shed, residential, and commercial roofers. Contact us nor for your roof repair in Leeds.