Chimney Flashing Repairs Vs Chimney Replacement

Chimney Flashing Repairs Vs Chimney Replacement

Degradation of roofing materials by ultraviolet (UV) radiation is first noticeable by color changes. This color change occurs very rapidly; within the first year of exposure to UV from sunlight or sometimes, within several months. Additionally, the effects of moisture may include decay of wood, staining of clay, and corrosion of metals used for roofing. This exposure of wooden roofs to the effects of sunlight and precipitation is called weathering.

Regular inspections are very important to keep your gutters in proper working order. And, it is highly recommended that you call in professionals for this purpose instead of doing it yourself. Professionals ensure a thorough and complete inspection and suggest whether your building needs a roof repair or rain gutter maintenance.

Since your roof can last for more than 10 years with proper maintenance, here are some maintenance tips you can do to help lengthen its lifespan and worth:

Chimney Flashing Repairs Vs Chimney Replacement

4 Tips for Your Roof and Gutter

  1. Look up

At least twice a year (fall and spring) do a visual inspection, from a good angle of elevation. Good housekeeping for wooden roofs (or all types) involves removing all leaf litter, and debris that accumulate over time between shingles.

When you do your visual inspection, look for problems such as damaged drip edge, lifting or missing shingles, sagging or broken gutters, and piles of granules. Additionally, the debris that accumulates has two deteriorating effects – can retard the shedding of water or retain moisture that allows fungi and algae to grow.

  1. Clean the gutters

We recommend you call in a roof and gutter cleaning expert for a proper gutter cleaning services oftentimes in a year. Professional services sometimes use high-pressure washers as they are very effective. Otherwise, excessive water clogging can rot the fascia.

  1. Trim the trees

It’s very important to remove overhanging branches in order to improve drying of the roof surface. Also, branches may retard the ventilation of air to the roof and this will reduce surface drying of your roof. Excessive growth of moss and algae is a sure sign that your roof is not drying properly, hence, too much moisture for algae to feel comfortable.

  1. Look for moss and algae

Rightly said, too much moisture provides a home for mosses and algae. How to prevent this – remove debris and trim the overhanging branches so there’s enough sunlight and ventilation to keep your roof dry.

How Often Should I get my Gutters Cleaned?

Gutter cleaning is very important and should be done regularly, twice a year at minimum. This may be scheduled as once in the late spring and once in the late summer (early fall). An exception to this is if there are trees growing above your house, you may consider cleaning your gutters every 3 months. This will reduce your chances of having blocked gutters later on in the year, and also gives you enough time to make a good choice on the professional services to call in.


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