waterproofing roof

Waterproofing Solutions for Your Concrete Roof

Concrete roofs have been an important part of modern buildings for decades. Although they are usually noticed as rooftops for commercial buildings, they do have changes in styles and designs in residential buildings.

Many residential buildings are now also being constructed using concrete shingle styles. Even though concrete has been widely acceptable as a superior roofing material, it doesn’t totally guarantee resistance to damage from the elements.

One sure way that helps prevent damage to concrete roofs is waterproofing. Waterproofing is simply the application of a water-resistant material or layer to concrete roofing systems so that the roof remains unaffected by water under specified conditions. Using waterproofing solutions to your roof is a great way to protect your building and to keep up its worth. Additionally, waterproofing helps to prevent possible foundation problems of entire building.

waterproofing roof

Ways to Waterproof a Concrete Roof

There are several known methods of using a waterproof medium to a concrete roofing system. However, below is an overview of these methods:

  • Cementitious Waterproofing Method

The cementitious method is known as the easiest of all the waterproofing methods in construction. The materials for this method is available with ease from supplier, and they are easy to mix and apply to surfaces. It is often used in internal areas that are not exposed to sunlight and elements such as toilets.

Cementitious method is often applied in structures such as water treatment plants, bridges, tunnels, railway & subway systems and lots more. The advantages of this method include its low-cost, high stiffness, non-flammable, and ease of fabrication. The disadvantages however are low tensile strength, and it can affect long-term durability.

  • Liquid Waterproofing Membrane

Liquid membranes are suitable for more complex building designs. It is a thin coating which consists of several coats that can be applied by spray, trowel or roller. It provides you a more flexible application than the cementitious method of waterproofing. The liquid membrane method is not limited to the roofs alone, it suits well for balconies, flooring and in wall tilling as well.

The durability of the coating used for waterproofing depends on what type of polymer that is being used by the manufacturer in moving the liquid waterproofing.

  • Polymeric Membrane Waterproofing Method

The Polymeric membrane method is a new approach of waterproofing roofing solutions compared with other methods. Polymeric membranes are seamless, very flexible, easy to apply & keep up, and are suitable option for flat roofs. Their synthetic materials can provide long-lasting waterproofing that will ensure an excellent condition of roofs for up to 25 years. Polymeric membranes are well-known to be environmentally friendly and non-flammable.

If you are not sure which method will be suitable for your roofing type or you’re looking for a reliable roof waterproofing contractor in Yorkshire and around the UK, we can be that business for you. Please contact us today!