Our Slate & Tiled Roofs Leeds Services include:

  • Concrete tiles -The most affordable option on the market today. Providing customers with the option of flat tiles, profile tiles such as Pan tiles.
  • Natural Slate roof – This is the best roof covering available with options to use Welsh Slate or  slighter cheaper alternatives Spanish slate and Chinese slates.
  • Clay tiles – A premium roof covering which can be used in either large format tiles or small format clay tiles.
  • Most common choice is a more cost effective the large concrete tiles such as Double Roman (profile) or a flat concrete tiles.
  • Concrete slate effect – thin profile tile which creates a slate effect, but cost much less than natural slate.

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Slate & Tiled Roofs?

Slate and tiled roofs are known to be one of the most durable roofs available on the market. A slate roof is usually a custom-made roof, and it provides a unique character and splendor to a building. It requires hand labour to be cut and trimmed into the required thickness level and sizes. Slate and tiled roofing are known for their adding an excellent value any building alongside its unique design and quality.

We have spent several years in Calverley repairing, installing, and maintaining clay tile, slate, and concrete tile roofs. Our goal is to use our services to increase the value of your property while keeping overhead costs down. That is what we do, and no other roofing company does it better than us. Being one of the best roof types on the market, it needs expert attention and due caution during the installation process. That is why you can trust Renn Services Ltd as the leading roofing company when it comes to slate and tiled roofs installation and repair services.

Renn Services Ltd is the leading company in Calverley for all your slate and tiled roof imports and supplies. Our products are of high-quality in the building industry. We have been in the business of providing our clients with quality slate and tiled roofs for their building projects. And our installers are experts in slate and tiled roof installation and repairs. They do the work perfectly in such a manner that the client is amazed at the finished product.

Slate & Tiled Roof Repair

Most times, heavy wind and storm can wreak havoc on your slate and tile roof. High winds may cause leaks. And in such cases, you may need to repair the roof or replace it. You need an expert slate and tiled roofing company in Calverley such as Renn Services Ltd to conduct a proper roof check and repairs.

Slate & Tiled Roof Installation

We source for fibre-cement slates from Europe and with such a great source of materials coupled with our efficient roofing techniques, you can be assured of an excellent outcome. We will ensure that your building and home get the kind of attention that it deserves. We can assure you that the roof of your home or commercial building with have the following:


Natural slate is available in a wide range of beautiful colours, various degrees of thickness and different sizes. Our roofing service will ensure your building gets the unique appeal and glamour it needs to be the best.


Slate and tile roofs have a hard surface that makes them a perfect choice for bad weather conditions. They are highly resistant to stormy weather, heavy rains, and wind.


Slate and tile roofs have a natural fire-resistant feature that makes it unique and the best.


Our slate and tiled roofs are 100% environmentally friendly and durable. They can last for many decades if installed properly by roof professionals which are no other than Renn Services Ltd.

Get in touch with us and let us help you with your roofing project. We treasure your home just the way you do.